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Zion Properties

Zion Properties is a recently established real estate investment company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The name Zion is one of biblical origin, synonymous with “The Glorious City of God” a desirable place of comfort and most importantly loved by God. It was transformed from a fortress to a palace. Zion Properties as a brand draws from this heritage, in that, they seek to create homes that are comfortable and affordable, exuding desirability. To this end, we have come up with a concept we refer to as “Affordable Luxury” which positions the brand in a unique space that appeals not only to the market in terms of numbers, but to the hearts and minds of their customers in terms of appearance.

The brandmark is an abstract minimalist interpretation that combines the aesthetic of a crown, the presence of a mountain range as well as the structure of a typical roof. Fused together, these individual elements form the essence behind the Zion Properties brandmark. The minimalist style keeps with the idea of “affordable luxury”, alluding to the high end market while retaining a competitive edge in the standard market. This positions the brand a step above their competition in look and feel and helps to connect better with the consumer.


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