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Greater Talents Academy

Every school needs to be able to identify its reason for existing. So after hearing the idea behind greater talents academy, as a school that seeks to focus on the innate creativity of children, we developed an identity to best represent not just school but the children as well.


Learning, as it will, usually happens in small groups, a community of sorts with both children and teacher gathered in a circle, fostering a sense of intimacy and togetherness. Play and recreational activities also tend to take place in this fashion but are not limited to it, however they also show forth the same sense of togetherness and bonding. Combining the focus of greater talents academy, which is the children as well as the idea of acceptance and a willingness to learn, or embracing knowledge within a small community or group hence, symbolizing the idea of growing/developing and learning together while accepting one another, regardless of background or ethnicity.


The premise upon which the proposed motto/tagline is built is no different from that of the logo itself. ‘learning together’, evokes the same sense of knowledge and a willingness to learn not just as an individual but as a group and a community. The statement further emphasizes the inspiration behind the icon to boost the message that the greater talents brand stands for.


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  • Logo and Visual Identity
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