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2012 was the year, when divinity spark began the journey from ‘side hustle’ to viable business and it saw trying lots of different approaches to get clients and ‘spark’ interest (pun not entirely intended). At the time, if we came across any indigenous brand that didn’t look the part, we were quick to whip up a proposal and reach out. Needless to say the ROI on that approach wasn’t promising, but we did come away with some nice ideas and design work. One of such pieces of work was for a local travel agency we came in contact with by chance, Saltra Travel agency.

As seen above, their existing logo was an eagle atop a globe with the name saltra stretched across the ‘composition’. It wasn’t a pretty sight. As such we though to ourselves, running with this apparent concept of ‘global flight’, “how could these guys look better?”. We tried out some ideas till they were eventually whittled down to just two and distilled further from their. The first explored an abstract representation of wings that also doubled as a stylised ‘s’. The second was a line art globe symbol that emphasized the global aspirations of the brand. Here are the final slides from the proposal.