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So we want to try something our with our studio journal. A series of posts labeled “Un:commissioned”. This series would explore some of the projects we’ve worked on that had no official commission, contract or real client. A collection of ideas that were self-initiated (with the hopes of getting an actual commission) and carried through to birth viable and relevant solutions. We’ll try to be as consistent as possible, and drop a new one every week or two, because we have a couple that we think you might like to see. First off is something a little more recent,….an un:commissioned brand identity design for Ebonyi State. Here’s how it went down.

So. late 2015 saw us working on an unlikely project for an unlikely prospect. The idea came through a conversation about place and destination branding, something we had little experience with and had yet to be commissioned for. The question of “what if…” came to to fore, and the state of Ebonyi was thrown in the mix, courtesy of a friend in the studio at the time. “What if we rebranded Ebonyi State?”, “What would it look like?”, “How would it work?”, these were subsequent queries that followed in tow. The friend in question, mentioned if we could come up with something he may (or may not) be able to get us an audience with this prospective client. So, with small ginger in heart, ideas began to mushroom, debates, client-less strategy sessions, research, sketches and more until after about a month (or two) of developing the idea (while catering to paying clients), we came up with a finished product – The growing ‘e’. It was a fun process and gave us some (albeit small) insight into what destination branding entails.

Below is a look at our idea, I’ve laid out slides from our final proposal document so take a look, and take from it what you will.

(pssst….just incase, if anyone has any contacts in the Ebonyi State Government, holla us, make we pitch our idea. If we make am, your percentage is sure! *winks)



  • Ebonyi is one of the youngest states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The state holds great promise and potential as well as resources and minerals.
  • Ebonyi is predominantly an agricultural region and is a leading producer of rice, yam, potatoes, maize, beans and cassava in Nigeria. The State also boasts mineral resources such as lead, crude oil and natural gas.
  • Currently the state is ranked as 34th of 36 states of the Federation.


  • The objective of this proposal is to create an identity that conveys a sense of business and economy, while reflecting, the culture and personality of the state. This will help in positioning it as young, dynamic, contemporary destination within the Federation.
  • As an Agro-centered economy, the state seeks to attract big agricultural businesses to come tap into their resource offerings and opportunities, hence, repositioning the State as “The Food Basin of the Nation”.