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Mr. Kalu Aja is a Dad, Husband and seasoned financial planner who writes frequently about finance and a plethora of other topics. In this piece, he writes, quite insightfully, on Branding and Monetizing the Nigerian culture, events and holidays, much like the west have mastered with “I love NY” or holidays like Thanksgiving or Valentines day.

He writes,

Who died and made Valentine Day about flowers and chocolate?

Probably a smart advertising executive, I mean consider that Americans will spend $18.9b on Valentine Day shopping, according to the National Retail Federation consumer spending survey.

Valentine is about retail, not romance.

While seemingly capitalist, this is very true. He also cites that,

Landing in any airport in the West you have the option to buy souvenirs, pins, mugs, hats…we buy and wear with pride, put on our fridges.

If there was an Aba or Ekiti Mug or label pin would the Nigerian diaspora buy? If there were Kano Pillars shirts at Abuja International Airport would the diaspora buy? We can only know when it’s available

Here’s the full article.